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Buy Lyrica online ireland, Buy Lyrica tablets uk

We were commissioned to create a brand and identity for a luxury travel start-up that offers its members tailored experiences that help nurture their mind, body and soul right across the globe.

We needed a big idea that really summed up our clients offering to their clients that they could really run with. We came up with ‘Find freedom within’ a simple idea that spelt out both the mental and physical experiences that could be had by customers. We conducted a naming workshop with the client to find a name that would sum the brand up to its target audience. ‘At One’ was the unanimous favourite as it described that one perfect moment of balance where time stands still and you become your most authentic self. A sought after luxury like no other.

The project covered brand positioning, strategy, naming, customer journey, touchpoint mapping for starters. Followed by the logo mark, and a brand identity that needed to work across both print and digital mediums. We also worked closely with the client to develop their offering by developing additional business opportunities for them to tap into.








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