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The Days Inn Hotel, Shoreditch, had worked hard building a welcoming and reliable hotel but found it was being dragged down by the brand associations with the franchise Days Inn brand. This led to the name the RE Hotel, and acted as a prefix to drive other communications. The simple, beautifully crafted logo has stature in print yet sophisticated stand out on the busy high street. A combination of logo, typography style, a pattern inspired by luxury brands, photographic style and minimal design approach helped transform a regular chain hotel into a contemporary, boutique escape in the heart of London. Evolve’s core proposition “Your happiness is our pleasure” helped position this former 3 star chain hotel franchise into a 4 star boutique newcomer to East London’s trendy Shoreditch scene. From soulless functional culture to a more emotive and memorable experience. The name was born from so many words associated with the hotel experience - retreat, recharge, relax, return…









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