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The site of an old hotel was to be refurbished into a prestigious Radisson Edwardian Hotel with 38 luxurious residential suites in the centre of Guildford. Linden Homes sought a branding agency who could market the residential apartments as a luxury product with hotel associations, and showcase the benefits of the prime location. The opportunity was to create a brand that tells a story of luxury being around the corner, building on the physical positioning of the site on the corner of the Guildford High Street. Evolve developed the strapline ‘Where luxury happens everyday’ and created a corner stripes graphic property, helping to make a bold statement about the suites in a high-traffic main street. Interior design schemes for the show apartments and the marketing suite were strongly led by the identity and graphic property. The led to a stylish and high impact identity with imaginative marketing approaches and touch points, which resulted in a successful launch weekend with a retail high street presence.










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